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Hey everyone.
Here's something I've been working on these last few years. It's a music composition and performance system based in Max. It's a standalone patch which I can use to compose, sequence, synthesize and mix all the sounds, and it was made with the purpose of being a studio tool as well as a live performance one. Here's a demo video of it (sorry but it only shows the main interface because my video capture app doesn't record all the subpatches I'm using, don't know why):

Here's the link of the project featured on cycling74 site:

December 27, 2021

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The demo video was excellent, especially with headphones and that bass/sub. I'm sloooowly working towards a similar "all in one" Max patch, mainly for live performance, this seems very versatile/liquid, very inspiring!!!

Reply December 28, 2021

@Onokio Thank you! It is indeed very versatile, I made a whole album with it! Now I'm struggling to make it better, mainly the synthesis part, it has a lot of bad programming. I have to remake it using gen to be more effective.

reply December 28, 2021

@joaomaiaesil bad is so relative, right? It's interesting to hear you talk about the programming in a way that's very reminiscent of "standard" programming - refactoring. Very neutrally, I wonder, is it better sometimes to let projects go and use your ideas and skills on the next thing? Or I guess in this case, perhaps that's a silly question. Maybe this is _your_ instrument, in the way that others use a trumpet for their entire career. No reason why it can't be this one instrument forever or for years.

Just thinking out loud here.

reply December 29, 2021

@bogdanraczynski I get your point Bogdan, there's no such thing as a generic criteria for good/bad programming. For me, the criteria is only aesthetic, so when I say bad programming maybe I should say bad sound haha. I don't intend to be neutral, and I think there's no such thing as a neutral technology or technic (i'm a fan of Heidegger's view on technology, so my view was very influenced by his). Yeah, I regard this as _my_ instrument, since it's a very personal aproach and tool to make music. I certainly don't want to make a generic piece of software that would fit any kind of use!

reply December 29, 2021