GitHub mjcellafacet Facet is a flexible live coding system for controlling and applying synchronized algorithmic transformations to a Max patcher from a web browser.



livecode, audio

Here's a browser-based live coding environment I've built called Facet which connects to Max/MSP:

Ever since the initial release of Facet v0.1.0 in May 2021, I've done all my generative audio work (~50GB total) with it. Of course it's not perfect, but I think it's a nice balance of powerful / flexible! If anyone does use it, I would love any feedback / questions / suggestions!

I'm currently working on an update with a whole bunch of improvements.

Michael / nnirror

December 30, 2021

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you deserve a reward for doing this in JS :o

Reply December 28, 2022

It boggles my mind how all of this works. Kudos and bravo! Here's a getting started video for anyone interested

Reply January 2, 2022