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"FED BACK" (v.6) is an audio/visual patch I've been programming for awhile (yes I know, it's entirely messy / lots can be encapsulated (was mid editing session for this pic)). the audio isn't entirely impressive just yet (in a melodic/harmonic sense), but the bridging strand of the senses I am satisfied with, in terms of the reactivity.

you can see a demo of the system here:

shout out to Federico Foderaro for the particle system tutorial, was able to follow along and mutate it to fit into my configuration.

December 24, 2021

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The video is great, I don't understand max so much but appreciate the view into your creative flow! I don't think it looks messy, just active..

Reply December 24, 2021

@yaxu0 Alex! (assuming u are THE yaxu ? ) thanks for the words, means a lot coming from u! yea it's great to get carried away with a patch, having connections cross / feedback into itself to where it feels like you're creating a sonic creature / small symbiotic mind.

reply December 24, 2021