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hello, hope that i won't spoil myself when i do this kind of promo as my first post, but it is not a typical self-promo, as it is more of a showcase of other creators works

few weeks ago for my university course i created a website, that aggregates web-based musical apps. i described and tagged each of them. each of the apps is in its own unique way great, some are more time consuming, some less

i hope that you will find there at least one app that will inspire or at least interest you


let me know, if you have any feedback about the website

July 14, 2022

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Nice, you might enjoy https://strudel.tidalcycles.org/

Reply October 28, 2022

Great collection, some inspiring ideas on there. Surprised by what a browser can do nowadays (or in the past)

Reply October 15, 2022