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Hello, folx! I'm interested in doing livecoding on micro-controllers and micro-controller based synths like the Korg NTS-1. Anything smaller than a single-board computer that has an SDK is fair game. There are a few micro-controllers - Daisy Seed and Teensy - that can be coded via Faust or Pure Data or MAX/MSP via a pre-processor, but I want something with a serial or serial-over-USB interactive / interpretive user interface like ChucK or Sonic Pi. Is there anything out there? I've got a way to build something from the ground up myself, targeting the Daisy Seed, Teensy 4.1 and Raspberry Pi Pico, but that would take a bit of time and then I'd have to teach everyone how to use it.

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Hi everyone. Just wanted to intruduce myself. I'm a computer musician making: various forms of electro-funk and bass music, ambiental drone, noise and sonic experiments, expanded cinema and video projects. I also do queer performance, run a small local Creative Commons netlabel Kamizdat w/ boutique physical releases, and I'm a heavy user of FLOSS & Linux. I'm huge fan of fediverse and I run sonomu.club and toot.si Mastodon instances.

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