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new here. had a restless night. been awake for an hour. ugh. so, saying hi and throwing some download codes for one of my sample libraries into this post as a means of introduction. the library is 1800 one shots created on a modular and other synths but mostly modular. it's been out for a while but is still under the radar so if you use any of it it's likely no one will identify this. more details at the bandcamp page. qvgt-73zd fbk2-vxkh ld35-kptv cqv9-6nr9 8xxu-76pg t4ev-v673 terr-6ym4 u6qt-x55z vzr3-vr2g 6tml-6sxu zu8q-klep n5z7-gjr2

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The New York Times summed up the past year in a list of "41 debates," one of which is about lingering questions surrounding what has come to be called Havana syndrome. The short piece is by Saavedra Buckley of the magazine Harper's. Are the sounds, in fact, "the chirp of the Indies short-tailed cricket," or is it that "diplomats had been targeted by an experimental microwave weapon"? (I'm not suggesting we try to answer these questions ourselves here on clang.gg. I'm just noting this sound-related topic as one of the "debates," which is to say ongoing debates, singled out.)