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This is my first post on clang - nice to see a few familiar faces on here. Largely inspired by my usage of tidalcycles - I wanted a flexible midi chord generating tool. {arsonist} and I have been slowly working on developing audiot to fill this niche. At it's core - it is a midi tool that can generate tri-tones within particular scale systems. We wanted to pay particular attention to easily generating step inversions, colorings, etc. There is definitely some work to be done on the timing/velocity elements but the software is far enough along that it should be fun to play with if you are a windows user.

I recently made the decision to purchase a new MBP so am hoping to port this to .net 6 / maui so it can be used cross-platform.

The code + release + example usage can be found here:

January 3, 2022

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I think I saw an early version of audiot at the Madison algorave in like 2018?? Blew my mind then! So cool ?

Reply January 8, 2022

this is amazing! congrats speednar!

Reply January 5, 2022

"maybe audio", great introduction. Listening to the DJ One-Click (, great concept. Welcome board!

Reply January 3, 2022