Hello, folx! I'm interested in doing livecoding on micro-controllers and micro-controller based synths like the Korg NTS-1. Anything smaller than a single-board computer that has an SDK is fair game.

There are a few micro-controllers - Daisy Seed and Teensy - that can be coded via Faust or Pure Data or MAX/MSP via a pre-processor, but I want something with a serial or serial-over-USB interactive / interpretive user interface like ChucK or Sonic Pi.

Is there anything out there? I've got a way to build something from the ground up myself, targeting the Daisy Seed, Teensy 4.1 and Raspberry Pi Pico, but that would take a bit of time and then I'd have to teach everyone how to use it.

October 15, 2022

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There was an effort (2.0 branch) to make [axoloti]( live patcheable, but the problem is that you need to compile and restart the microcontroller, so audible glitch. The branch also never really left beta, despite interesting concepts in it.
Other example would be the monome teletype

Reply October 16, 2022