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Hi all! I'm posting to introduce myself and my project. My name is Casey Primozic / ameo and I've been working on a project I'm currently calling "web synth" on and off for a few years.

Web synth is a fully browser-based platform for audio synthesis, experimentation, and music production. It has features of modular-style synthesizers and live-patching tools, but it also has DAW-like features such as a fully-fledged MIDI editor. I'm still very actively working on it, but you can check it out if you'd like:

It has support for a variety of other features such as dynamic compilation and loading of code written in Faust or Soul with full modulation and patching support, preset saving/loading, sample loading, and many effects and processing options.

I have a few demos that I've created to show off its features as well:

- Wavetable synthesis + FM using the Modern Talking wavetable from Serum:
- A loop with a few tracks, sample-based percussion, and several effects creating a small song:
- Experimental sound design-y modular synth-esque stuff:

If you do try it out, please let me know what you think!

December 27, 2021

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this rules, i have been enjoying using this! also worth checking out is your conceptual neighbor here:
i am enjoying using this platform so far and excited to see it grow

Reply January 2, 2022

The fact that this is all in the browser is more than a bit mind-bending to me. Bravo!

Reply December 28, 2021